Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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Monday, August 17, 2009

After 1week... My Hubby so tired... never sleep for many days...
He makes me want to love him more everyday...
Can tell he is really sad and i wont want to quarrel with him at all.
The 2 Mischievous kids... hahaha...
They are cute...

Monday Blue...
Work Work Work...
After a tired day at work... me and amanda rush down for our briefing.

My everyday at work.... Khakis..
She never come office i will be bored dead...

After briefing, rush home to bathe and went Tiong Bahru to meet Hubby for
Steamboat Buffet.. Hubby treats.

Victory.. my favourite SteamBoat Buffet...

Hubby look so stiff...

After dinner... We went to watch "Where Got Ghost"
Super Funny.. hahaha...
The NEO Family... :D

Friday, August 14, 2009


Cherish the person in your life...
not every person who are dying will give a warning alarm.
or say.."HEY, I AM DYING" Die due to sickness is fate...
but commit suicide is stupid. The most painful is your family...

Tonight is the last night of Hubby grandma's Wake...
Tomorrow is a painful moment... everyone crying and calling for their "Mother", "Grandma"..
That's the most painful moment...

I love my life... my family... my love... my friends... my everything.

Rest In Peace - Benedict

Early in the morning.. i received call from Shawn saying Benedict just jump off the building 30mins ago... I was shock and ask how he know... have he confirmed? He say someone called his mother to confirm, at first his mother denied. I can understand... why she denied.. who would want to believe their son just leave them like this...

It a double blow for Hubby... Remember not long ago we just went Jab 1 to drink with him...
Why have to end your life just like that??? No one understand.... Hiks...


Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hubby Grandma Pass Away

Happy Anniversary Hubby.

We went Orchard for our Dinner.
Dine @ Our favorite restaurant Din Tai Fung.
Their Service is always the best, the queue was rather long
and they serve us Chinese tea while waiting for our turn.

Hubby took this photo for me while waiting... hahaha..

Yummy food.
They having the special dish call the Chilled Crab Dumpling
only available from 1 July till end of this months.
It really very good.. should try this dish.

Hubby look so stone.. hahaha

After dinner, we went to Orchard "ION" to walk walk.
Then head down to Cineleisure for our L4D.
We bought 3hours of games... lolz..

Everything was goes as planned...
Till 1030pm..... Hubby phone rings....
His sister text and say his grandma pass away...
Immediately we rush down to see her.

Till 1plus am then we go home...
Didn't manage to watch our movies as planned...
I will try calling see whether can change the ticket timing with Golden Village..


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Going out with Hubby

Preparing myself to go out with Hubby.
Our 8 Months Anniversary but it seem like we are together very long already.
Going orchard the new shopping centre to walk walk and have a wonderful dinner.
And of cos.. Left 4 Dead @ Cineleisure
Alway being spotted @ Iluma / Cineleisure.
Favourite spots with my clique...
Hubby bought the Movie tickets: Where Got Ghost?
Tonight gonna watch Mid Night Movie... Yeappy!!!
Long time no watch movie at Cinema.
*Going out... Shall updates tomorrow*
** Mr Shawn when are you going to send me those link for my iphone??? **
*** I miss my girls very much ***

Friday, August 7, 2009

Singapore F1 - Singtel Grid Girl

Min Min is mine hahaha....


(Me & JiaMin 2years ago)

(Me & JiaMin Now.)hahaa

We are talking about 2years ago stuff.. hahaha..
Was talking about my short hair... Hubby just help me cut my hair short few days back.
Just nice shoulder length....


Yeappy.. I am selected for the upcoming Singapore F1 event for Singtel Grid Girl.
Happy can work with my dear girl Amanda P.

10 People being selected.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dumb Iphone User

Finally i got my iphone yesterday @ Hello shop.
I really know nothing about iphone iTunes.
Trying to figure out "How to upload photos and ringtone".

Gonna meet up with Shawn this Saturday to teach me on the steps...


Oh!!! and one more thing...
Finally the building management came to fix our aircon....
Me and MinMin no need to fight with the aircon everyday again... hahaha

Monday, August 3, 2009

I love my Hubby

Having fever so weekend stay home.
I thought i recovered so i went to work on Friday.
Everything seem so good that i thought my fever go away.


In the middle of the night.. i having high fever again and Hubby take care of me the whole night. Went to take ice cubes and pour into a pail with water and keep changing the cloth for me every 15mins.

Every 30mins measure my temperature and hoping that it will go down but it went up instead. He will keep ask me if i am thirsty and pour drinks for me as my lips very dry. I have finish my medicine during Friday evening as the doctor only gave me 3days medicine.

So Hubby went to buy fever medicine and herbal tea for me.
Cook porridge for me to eat. Appreaciate him alot. Really. Love you.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Last night having slight fever and sleep early.
Next day..
Went to work as usual..
Office Air-con is too cold already. Imagine i am wearing 2 Jacket + Top + Bra
My colleague are all very nice.. see i look pale keep asking me to go home.
I told them i am fine... but they chase me home.. hahaha...
Went to see doctor at hubby house downstair.
I am down with 38.2 fever, cough and flu...

Doctor say if my fever did not go down by Sunday
I will be suspect H1N1

" Pray "my fever go away soon.
I hope to go work tomorrow don't like to be sick.
Alot of things i want to learn from YenLeng.

I hope i could learn as much as possible from her before my probation ends.
Jiayou Ooo...

*** I miss outing with my girls.... I am so sorry cant be able to catch up with you girls ***
Please recover soon JOANNE.
Sat & Sun going back home.. and go Kaki Bukit cc... to see lion dance competition.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Sunday

It was a happy day for me. :D
Hubby go sing k with me...
His friends all say he never sing song.

You always ask if i love you and i always reply NO.
But i am just joking with you.
Hubby... I love you.

Thanks for loving me so much and pamper me like a princess.
Thanks for enduring my bad temper and all those nasty words i said.
Thanks for every little surprise you make for me.
The effort you put in this relationship is far too much compare the love from me to you.

Sometime i don't know how to express my feeling well...
But please remember that...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

How i spent my saturday

How i spent my Saturday.
I suppose to attend my graduation, i prepared and take train down to city hall.
Called my classmate asking where the actual location.
The best thing is... Non of them are going.. OMG...
I change my mind of attending..
i know is kind of wasted as i never get to experience getting my cert on stage.
But because if i attend i will be alone with other subject students for 4 hours.

Got to wait for another 2-3weeks to get the cert from the school.
I carry on the journey.. travel down to Novena to find Hubby for Lunch.

Finish lunch with Hubby @ 2pm.. hiks..
I meeting JiaMin @ 4:30pm... i am so bored.. dont know go where and lazy to go home.
So i went AMK Hub to find my GuGu. She is working @ J3.
I always get lot of discount.. hahaha..
I brought a few friends there to buy and get member price.

While waiting for them i went to play L4D alone.. for 2 hours...
Cause JiaMin still not done with her hair... sob...

While waiting for JiaMin.. i stand outside AMK Hub
and being attracted to the music sing by him.
His voice was really very good and i make a donation.

Look @ the people around all looking at him and most of them make a donation.
His voice is really very good.

Went to Pepper Lunch for our dinner....

Me & Jiamin cam-whoring while waiting for Jerdine and Yang Yang..

Brought JiaMin to my GuGu shop to buy things...
She bought 4 items... all the clothes from HongKong.

Went to watch Lion dance...
We were discussing some serious stuff... which i could not mention WHAT.

The last team of the day...
i realise ... i never take any lion dance photos..
This is the only photos taken.. hahaha...
Too serious in discussing the BIG stuff.

After that Hubby came to AMK to look for me and went down to Cineleisure for L4D.
Every weekend we base @ Cineleisure for L4D.

My favourite Map
Dead Air

Two serious guys... :D

I am so tired.... 4 hours of L4D.

Went to have supper @ house downstair then HOME SWEET HOME....

Friday, July 24, 2009

Selene Birthday@ Office

Happy Birthday Selene

It should be a small surprise for her...
But Our M/s Yen Leng make it so obvious.. hahaha...
And selene know yen leng too well ...

Everyone lunch in the meeting room.
Forever take photo.. Amanda sure eating.. hahaha...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Miss those days

I am missing those days,
photoshoto with my girls...

Tomorrow will be attending my Graduation Ceremony.
Finally after so long... i am getting my diploma cert.
woo woo~~ Still thinking if i should further study or not.

After graduation, going to meet JiaMin @AMK for dinner then go see competition.

This few months lots of birthday celebration.
Yen Leng
Wan Zhuo
Selene - (will upload soon)

Upcoming birthday celebration.

Crack head... don't know what to get for them...
*** Hubby just on music.. so relax till i want to sleep in his arm***


Monday, July 20, 2009

Lion Dance Competition 2009

Lion Dance Competition 2009
Traditional Start on saturday @ West Coast CC.
Ah Teck was Qing De 狮 头, so old liao still playing. 哈 哈 !
After competition went to Mandy place for Mahjong.
Went to Hubby Mum place @5am... Yawn so tired.
Wake up late afternoon and went over to watch compeition again.
YiWei is very good among all the other team that night.
Kind of wasted being deduct mark... Hiks..
JiaYou for TAKA... Win back the point...

The other team... forget what name liao... also not bad la.. got the highest mark.

This coming Sat & Sun @AMK CC